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What to do when you get sick abroad


Strange food, cold weather, new roommates, planes, trains, buses and metro rides. If you don’t get sick while abroad, you are a marvel of science. While a trip to a medical clinic is not at the top of your travel plans, you might as well prepare for the inevitability.

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Secrets to study abroad when you’re broke


Nearly everyone who graduates without studying abroad regrets it. But the truth is, missing out on study abroad in the name of a tight budget is unnecessary. If you’re already paying for college, study abroad is a chance to get more for your tuition. It can even offset your expenses depending on where you go.

Secrets to study abroad when you’re broke2019-09-20T12:11:39-07:00

Epic surf spots near epic study abroad locations


We searched the world for surf-worthy beaches within walking distance or a short public transportation ride from universities where you can study abroad with UCEAP. Some of these universities have surf clubs too, so you have access to a built-in set of buddies with native knowledge of the best beaches. Surf’s up!

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Best music festivals abroad for summer


The golden time between June and September is ideal for study abroad and, of course, music festivals! Music is both unique to cultures and a universal commonality; it offers a fun way to immerse in any country you visit. If you’re planning on attending a UCEAP summer program this year, grab your hat and sunscreen and stop by your nearest music festival. We’ve picked out some of the best festivals near UCEAP locations abroad to help you plan for it.

Best music festivals abroad for summer2019-09-04T13:53:19-07:00
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