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Dear future study abroad kid


If you're wondering why you would leave behind the life you worked so hard for back home, Elena Mateus has some advice to offer. Study abroad won't always be easy and it won't always look like the perfect Instagram posts, but it will be worth it and just might be the best decision in your life.

Dear future study abroad kid2021-02-24T16:43:32-08:00

What I Learned as a Korean American Studying in Korea


Study abroad at Yonsei University was something Brandon Yoon dreamed of since middle school. Why? Because he owes his existence to that school and its study abroad program. Here's what he learned about his Korean American identity studying abroad in Korea.

What I Learned as a Korean American Studying in Korea2020-11-18T07:48:01-08:00

How to vote in the US elections from abroad


US citizens currently living or studying abroad can vote in the upcoming general elections. During midterm elections, you can share your opinion on the current administration and vote for representatives in Congress. Awesome right? Here are the steps you need to register and vote from abroad.

How to vote in the US elections from abroad2020-03-02T16:54:54-08:00
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