DON’T FORGET TO PACK Sriracha, Tapatio or any of your other favorite flavors because—no offense to the chefs of Argentina—
but ‘spicy’ is not exactly on the menu

BEST LEFT AT HOME Heels! They’ll weigh down your suitcase, be impossible to walk in on the city’s uneven sidewalk
and they’ll hurt your feet after a night of dancing at the boliches 

WHERE TO LIVE Recoleta and Palermo are the trendiest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires

FAVORITE ARGENTINE ACTIVITY Dancing along to percussion performances—especially La Bomba De Tiempo!

WHERE TO STUDY On the grass near Feria de Recoleta it’s peaceful to sit within earshot of the live music;
on study breaks, stroll through the market and pick up a snack from one of the many street vendors

MUST-TRY LOCAL DISH Deep fried empanadas, choripán (think flavorful hot-dog-like street food with salsa)
and for dessert, dulce de leche EVERYTHING

BEST PHOTO OP Anywhere in the colorful corners of La Boca neighborhood

BIGGEST FAIL Telling locals that you’re “American” (you’re in South America, they’re Americans too)

BUY THIS Souvenirs at San Telmo market on Sundays

NOT THAT Clothes and shoes at the trendy shops and malls; as cute and tempting as they are,
they are imported from outside the country and therefore crazy expensive

MOST INTERESTING CLASS Human Rights and Cultural Production in Argentina

BEST PART OF THE PROGRAM Living with my host madre, Maria

FAVORITE UCEAP TRIP Our day of riding horses, eating authentic barbeque and
learning about gaucho culture at the Estancia visit

UNFORGETTABLE WEEKEND TRIPS Take a ferry to Colonia, Uruguay for a day trip.
For a full weekend trip, fly or bus it to La Cataracts de Iguazú. These beautiful waterfalls and
tropical landscapes are the most spectacular in the world!

BONUS PRO TIP Bring a sturdy backpack and wear it in the front.
All the locals do this to avoid theft in crowded areas like the subte (subway).

Carissa Atallah

Study Abroad Program: Human Rights and Cultural Memory, Buenos Aires & Santiago and Arts, Politics, Society & Space, UC Center London
Program Locations: Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santiago, Chile; and London, England
Other Countries Visited: Chile, Uruguay, England, Spain, France, Greece, Netherlands, Italy
Home University: UC Merced (BA), UC Riverside (MFA)
Major: English, Creative Writing
Year: First-year MFA candidate

Carissa is an avid writer, photographer and study abroad enthusiast from Southern California. As a sophomore, she studied sociology and the liberal arts in the cultural powerhouse that is London. In her third year, she had the opportunity to travel to Buenos Aires and Santiago, where she studied the topics of human rights and cultural production in relation to South American dictatorships. She has a BA in English with a minor in Art from UC Merced and looks forward to pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing for the Performing Arts at UC Riverside in the fall. An ardent traveler and soon-to-be Europe backpacker, you can follow Carissa’s adventures at fancybredtravels.wordpress.com.


3-minute travel guide: Buenos Aires, Argentina
3-minute travel guide: Buenos Aires, Argentina
3-minute travel guide: Buenos Aires, Argentina
3-minute travel guide: Buenos Aires, Argentina
3-minute travel guide: Buenos Aires, Argentina
3-minute travel guide: Buenos Aires, Argentina