DON’T FORGET TO PACK Bug spray and comfortable shoes

BEST LEFT AT HOME Toiletries and an umbrella—you can buy it there


BEST EATS NEAR CAMPUS Bar Amore and Fattoincasa by Hosteria La Danesina

FAVORITE ITALIAN ACTIVITY Having coffee after meals and going to the outdoor markets

WHERE TO STUDY UC Rome center library; the resources you need are at your fingertips,
plus it’s in the middle of the city so there’s tons of great places to go see after you study

MUST-TRY LOCAL DISH Cacio e pepe and Buccatini all’amatriciana

BEST PHOTO OP The bridge leading to Castel Sant’Angelo—you can get both the Vatican and the castle!

BIGGEST FAIL Believing that just because the sun is out it won’t rain (Rome is unpredictable!)

BUY THIS Real gelato—the best gelaterias are hard to find but totally worth it (I recommend Gelateria Vice)

NOT THAT Fake gelato—some gelato shops have super artificial gelato (see bonus tip)

MOST INTERESTING CLASS Medieval Art—the classes take place in churches all over the city!

BEST PART OF THE PROGRAM Experiencing the Christmas markets and the cooking class


BONUS PRO TIP Traditional gelato has no strong colors and is never piled high, since it needs to stay really cold;
to keep it cold, it has to be stored completely within the metal container. Also, visit Dolce Maniera!
It’s a tiny inexpensive bakery by the Vatican. My favorite was the cornetto al cioccolato bianco (white chocolate croissant)

3-minute travel guide: Rome, Italy
3-minute travel guide: Rome, Italy
3-minute travel guide: Rome, Italy
3-minute travel guide: Rome, Italy
3-minute Travel Guide: Rome Italy

Christina Chilin

Study Abroad Program: Rome Through the Ages, UC Center Rome
Program Location: Rome, Italy
Other Countries Visited: Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Netherlands, England
Home University: UC Santa Barbara
Major: Linguistics
Year: Graduated Spring 2015

I love trying new things and truly believe that going abroad is a life-changing experience. I had never been out of the country before studying in Italy, but I took a leap of faith and decided I had to push myself to experience something completely new. I returned to backpack through Europe after graduation and plan to keep traveling in the future because experiencing other cultures is the only we can all truly begin to understand one another on a broader scale. I am passionate about standing up for human rights and social justice, and would love to plan a trip to do humanitarian work in the near future.