Best study abroad programs for first-time travelers


Traveling abroad for the first time is both exciting and a little scary. You can’t know or plan for everything before studying abroad, but you can make your starting point easier. Take a look at these top UCEAP study abroad programs recommended for first-time travelers.

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3-minute travel guide: Dublin, Ireland


Thinking about studying abroad in Ireland? Follow Bianca for a tour of Dublin's best eateries, activities, study spots, and dorm choices for students. You can also get firsthand tips on what to pack, how to get around, which classes to take, and the most popular tours and trips—all in a few minutes! Start exploring Dublin now.

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10 most affordable study abroad locations by continent


Study abroad can be expensive, but did you know that UCEAP has 40 programs abroad that cost less than equivalent terms at the University of California? The cost of living in the destination you choose can mean thousands of dollars in savings. Here are 10 destinations your bank account would like you to consider.

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