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3-minute travel guide: Dublin, Ireland


Thinking about studying abroad in Ireland? Follow Bianca for a tour of Dublin's best eateries, activities, study spots, and dorm choices for students. You can also get firsthand tips on what to pack, how to get around, which classes to take, and the most popular tours and trips—all in a few minutes! Start exploring Dublin now.

3-minute travel guide: Dublin, Ireland2019-09-04T09:43:46-07:00

How to vote in the US elections from abroad


US citizens currently living or studying abroad can vote in the upcoming general elections. During midterm elections, you can share your opinion on the current administration and vote for representatives in Congress. Awesome right? Here are the steps you need to register and vote from abroad.

How to vote in the US elections from abroad2018-11-07T08:53:47-07:00

19 Countries where you save money on study abroad


Attending college is expensive—especially in California—but studying abroad doesn't have to be an added cost. If you choose a location with a lower cost of living, you can save up to $12,500 in a year abroad. Here are 19 countries where study abroad costs less than a year at UC.

19 Countries where you save money on study abroad2019-09-05T15:04:04-07:00
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